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A conto

Utilities a conto - what does it mean?

The payment methods for utilities (electricity, heating, and water) may vary across different tenancies. In some tenancies, these expenses are included in the rent, while in others, a conto payment is required.

A conto payment is a fixed amount that is paid in advance to cover your expected consumption, and is later adjusted based on your actual consumption. This payment is based on an average calculation, such as the estimated annual consumption.

If you rent through AU Housing, all utilities are generally included in the rent, which means you don't have to worry about extra expenses on top of your monthly rent. However, if your tenancy requires a conto payment, you may need to pay extra if your actual consumption exceeds the average consumption.

To find out how your utilities are paid, check your tenancy information on our website. If your tenancy requires a conto payment, your meter will be read annually, and if your actual expenses exceed the conto payment, you will receive an extra charge, which will be deducted from your deposit.

Save energy - save money

To avoid extra charges, try to minimize your water, electricity, and heating consumption. You can find useful tips on how to save on your utilities in the column to the right.