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Terms and conditions

The following is a summary of the Terms and Conditions that you need to accept and abide by when applying for accommodation via AU Housing.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions here.

You need to read these carefully. Not doing so might have financial implications for you.

  1. When AU Housing has found you accommodation, you will receive a housing offer by email. You will be instructed on how to accept/decline the housing offer.
  2. Note that you need a credit card to be able to accept a housing offer by AU Housing.
  3. The cancellation policy is described in the housing offer email.
  4. A booking fee of 600 DKK is charged when you accept a housing offer from AU Housing.
  5. The only way to terminate your leasing contract is to contact housing@au.dk directly. Information or requests passed to residences, coordinators, mentors, contact persons or anyone else will not be accepted as notice to terminate your contract.
  6. If you have not confirmed acceptance of your accommodation within two days of receiving the email from the AU housing office, we will pass on the room to another student.
  7. If you decide after arrival that you do not want the room we have reserved for you, regardless of the reason, you are legally bound to pay your rent until you terminate your contract with 6 weeks notice.
  8. You can move into your room the first working day after the start of your leasing contract.  This means that if your leasing contract starts on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday you cannot move in until the following Monday.
  9. During the semester you can terminate your contract either with 6 weeks notice to the 1st or the 15th of a month, or with 4 weeks notice to the 1st of a month, depending on your specific contract. You can find out which rule applies to your accommodation on your leasing contract.
  10. In some dorms you are required to leave your room up to 14 days before your lease ends. This rule allows the residence employees to carry out repair jobs in your room before the next tenant moves in. It might not be convenient for you, but this rule is in accordance with Danish rental laws, and AU Housing is not able to change this rule.