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Students experiences - Housing at Aarhus University 

On this page you will find videos of exchange students talking about their Housing experience at Aarhus University.

You will get some useful information about our dormitory types, about the furniture in your future room and you'll get to know what is the best way to get to the university.

Beside that you will get a visual impression of how the dorms of the students look like. You can find a video with pictures of all of our dorm types here.

The students are also talking about their best and their worst experience related to their accommodation, so be curious and enjoy the videos.



Sonia, Spain - Housing Type 3

"I live in a dorm with 3 other people and we share the kitchen."

"I tried to not create an expectation about Aarhus but it surprised me in a good way. People are open-minded and there are always things to do."


Stenaldervej Kollegiet

Stenaldervej 221-247

8220 Brabrand


Julia, France & Denisse, Mexico - Housing Type 4

"We live in a 2-room-apartment where we share the kitchen and the bathroom."

"You'll have a table, a chair, a bed, a desk and a shelf. You don't need to buy any furniture."

"We have a common area and a basement bar where you can have a party every week."



Skejbyparken 2-12

8220 Aarhus N


Jin, South Korea - Housing Type 3

"I have my own room and my own bathroom and share the kitchen and the living room with 14 other people."

"It's really new to me to live in a dorm with boys. That's very unusual in South Korea."

"The best thing about my accommodation are my flatmates. They are like a family for me."


Børglum Kollegiet

Børglumvej 2

8240 Risskov