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Partisia is a spinout from Aarhus University established by internationally renowned researchers and experts in advanced cryptography, business economics and software development. 

As pioneer, Partisia has sold commercial-grade secure multiparty computation (MPC) and other privacy-preserving software solutions since 2008. Initially Partisia focused on secure auctions for commodities like production contracts, energy related products and high-stake auctions used for selling spectrum licenses. Since the initial commercial use, the MPC technology has matured significantly and become more agile and not least a million time faster, which has gradually turned MPC into a generic infrastructure for privacy-preserving computations. In parallel to this development, Partisia has developed infrastructure for managing encryption keys and generic infrastructure for secure computation as well as various applications across platforms from cloud computing to blockchain technologies.

As part of the commercialisation strategy, selected businesses have been moved and matured in separate spinouts together with investors and other business partners i.e. Sepior (threshold cryptography like cryptographic key management), Partisia Applications (MPC applications) and Partisia Infrastructure (MPC infrastructure including blockchains). Today the Partisia initiatives has been consolidated into two teams:

PARTISIA team combining infrastructure through Partisia Infrastructure and applications through Partisia Applications.

SEPIOR team focusing on threshold cryptography and applications like key management.

Established in 2008.