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Commercialisation of Research

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Commercialisation of Research

Commercialisation is about bringing research from The University into society

A research commercialisation agreement with Aarhus University can give you and your company access to the latest AU research within your field.

At Aarhus University, we have experience with over 1000 invention reports. We cover technologies within a variety of fields, such as life science and biotech, food and agriculture, ICT and software, physics and engineering.

Aarhus University also manages all commercialisation activities for the hospitals in the Central Denmark Region which ensures a strong collaborative relationship between The University and one of Denmark’s leading university hospitals. Collaboration across these organisations creates interesting cross-disciplinary relationships, which often result in excellent inventor teams with preclinical as well as clinical experience.

Trust and professional dialogue are part of the basic principles for successful commercialisation at Aarhus University.

Aarhus University offers a team structure which ensures that both inventor teams and business contacts have a designated contact person at AU. The team is always ready to facilitate the commercialisation process, including meetings and dialogues with researchers and tasks related to potential contract negotiations.

If you have any questions concerning commercialisation activities, please contact one of our business developers. We are ready to help and support further dialogue.

Innovation which benefits society

Excellent research can lead to inventions which can benefit business and industry. Research results can lead to new products, new forms of research collaboration and sometimes to new businesses.

The most important function of commercialisation is to ensure that new knowledge is exchanged, developed and put into production in order to ensure that research innovation benefits everyone in society and helps solve global challenges.