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Technologies for licensing and investment

Technologies for licensing and investment

Our business developers manage a portfolio of 150+ innovation projects that are based on ground breaking scientific research from the employees at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. These projects pose business opportunities for companies looking to in-license new technology or for investors looking to invest in new spin-out companies. Our active projects are carefully selected through a screening process where we assess commercial potential, patentability and more. Teams consisting of researchers, business developers and legal staff continuously strengthens the individual projects until they are mature for out-licensing or investment.

Our projects cover a broad range of industry sectors including life science (pharma, drug discovery, medtech and diagnostics), engineering, energy, sustainability, food tech, software and digitalization, robotics, advanced materials and much more. Our portfolio is regularly represented at trade fairs and events, such as the Nordic Innovation Fair, but you can also get a direct introduction to currently available licensing and investment opportunities. 

Jonas Brandt

Head of Business Development Enterprise and Innovation - Forretningsudvikling