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Reach our career-seeking students at career fairs

Spring 2023

March 2023

Internship Fair at Aarhus BSS on 21 March at Fuglesangs Allé

  • Target group: Aarhus BSS students looking for internships

  • Participants: Approximately 20+ companies and 300 students

  • Price: Free


April 2023

Career Day for Natural Sciences on 14 April at Katrinebjerg

  • Target group: All IT students at Aarhus University

  • Participants: Approximately 800 students and 50 companies

  • Price: Free for students

Internship and Project Day for Technical Sciences (date TBA)

  • Target group: Students of mechanical engineering

  • Participants: Maximum 30 companies

  • Price: Free, no-show fee of DKK 1,000 for companies

PhD Career Day on 27 April 2023 (place TBA)

  • Target group: All PhD students at Aarhus University

  • Participants: Approximately 100 PhD students and 20 companies

  • Price: Free


May 2023

Danish Academic Job Fair on 24 May 13:00-16:00 (virtual)

  • Target group: Graduates from all universities in Denmark
  • Participants: Approximately 75 companies and 600 graduates
  • Price: Free
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Autumn 2023

October 2023

International Company Day on 26 October at Aarhus City Hall

  • Target group: International students and graduates

  • Participants: Approximately 500 students and 25 companies

  • Price: Free. Organised in collaboration between Aarhus Municipality and the educational institutions in Aarhus

MATCHDAY in Herning for Aarhus BSS and Technical Sciences: (date TBA)

  • Target group: Students of business engineering and the MSc in Engineering

  • Participants: Approximately 60 students and 10 companies

  • Price: Free


November 2023

Karrieredagene in Aarhus on 16 November 09:00-15:00

  • Target group: Students and graduates
  • Participants: Approximately 60 companies og 1,000 students
  • Price: Find more information at www.karrieredagene.dk
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Graduate Programme Night for Aarhus BSS on 23 November at campus Aarhus BSS

  • Target group: Future graduates from Aarhus BSS as well as partner companies with graduate programmes

  • Participants: Approximately 20 companies and 200 students

  • Price: DKK 10,000 (per company)

GEO-Match for Geoscience and Natural Sciences: (date TBA)

  • Target group: Students of geoscience, engineering and physics as well as companies and academic staff

  • Participants: Approximately 120 students, 20 members of academic staff and 20+ companies and government agencies and institutions

  • Price: Free

Virtual Career Fairs on a regular basis