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General Information

Exchange students & freemovers can apply for housing in Aarhus via AU Housing

On the following pages you will find information about the AU Housing service, the application process and the different types of accommodation offered. If you prefer to find housing on your own, you can also find information on the different options.

In the FAQ section, you can find information on many general questions, but should you need additional information you are always welcome to contact the housing team at

Apply for housing via AU Housing

As finding housing in Aarhus can be both difficult and time consuming, especially if you do not speak Danish and cannot arrive in Aarhus well before your studies start, Aarhus University offers a housing service for new exchange students and freemovers.

The conditions of the AU Housing service are as follows:

  • you must have been accepted as an exchange student or freemover at AU
  • your present accommodation is outside Denmark and you have not lived in Denmark for more than 3 months previously
  • you can submit your application 1.3.-1.5. (autumn term) and 15.9.-1.11. (spring term)
  • you must submit your housing application along with your application for admission to AU (it is not possible to submit a housing application separately)
  • you must accept the terms and conditions of AU Housing
  • a booking fee of 500 DKK will be charged when accepting a housing offer from AU Housing   
  • you must be able to pay the first months' rent with a creditcard when you receive the housing offer
  • you must accept, that you can't choose a specific location of your accommodation and that you will not be offered on-campus accommodation.

If you meet these conditions you can apply for housing via AU Housing and we will try to help you finding a place to stay in Aarhus. Due to the difficult housing situation in Aarhus we CAN NOT find rooms for all applicants. Therefore you should NOT rely on being offered housing via AU Housing but you should at the same time look for options at the private market. The earlier you start looking for housing, the easier it will be to find a room. Especially, finding accommodation in Aarhus in the autumn semester is very difficult. 

If you apply for housing via AU Housing and we can't offer you a room, we will contact you and inform you about your options at the private housing market.

Continue to the application process for exchange students and freemovers.

Housing options at AU Housing - exchange students & freemovers

In the lists below you find the student dorms and shared facility houses in which AU Housing diposes of rooms. The lists are for information only. It is NOT POSSIBLE to choose a specific dorm or shared facility house. AU Housing disposes of a few rooms in each of the mentioned dorms.  The other rooms in the dorms are occupied by Danish students and not available to international students.

In Aarhus students don't live on campus and few students live in the city center where prices are very high. You must prepare yourself for commuting to/from campus by bike, bus or train every day. From most dorms it will take you a maximum of 30 minutes.

IF you want a specific location of your new home, or a room close to campus, you should NOT apply for housing via AU Housing, but instead yourself find a room at the private market. It is not very easy, and we recommend that you start house hunting 2-3 months before arrival. There is no tradition in Aarhus for finding a room after arrival, and we STRONGLY recommend that you don't arrive without having a place to stay.

Do you bring your partner and/or children - look here.

Find information about the different types of housing and prices here: 

Practical Information about housing via AU Housing

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  • Information about the mentor/buddy programme here.
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