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Housing options in Aarhus for exchange & freemover students

On the following pages you will find information about:

  • The spring term housing guarantee
  • The AU Housing service
  • Student Housing Aarhus
  • Housing at the private market

In the FAQ section, you can find information about many general questions, but should you need additional information, you are always welcome to contact the housing team at

AU Housing guarantee spring semester

AU Housing offers AU exchange students in Aarhus a housing guarantee in the spring term. The housing guarantee means that if you apply for admission and housing in Aarhus before 1 November and start your studies in January or February, you will be guaranteed a housing offer from AU Housing. 

Finding housing in Aarhus in the autumn semester is difficult (however, not impossible but may require some time and efforts). If you have the option, we therefore recommend that you choose the spring semester instead of the autumn semester.

AU Housing - conditions and advantages

As finding housing in Aarhus can be both difficult and time consuming, especially if you do not speak Danish and cannot arrive in Aarhus well before your studies start, Aarhus University offers a housing service for new exchange students and freemovers.

In the spring term we guarantee all exchange students a housing offer from AU Housing.

In the autumn term the housing situation in Aarhus is difficult. We are unfortunately NOT able to send all applicants arriving in August and September a housing offer. Therefore we recommend that you apply for housing at AU Housing and at the same time look for other options. The earlier you start looking for housing, the easier it will be to find a room. If you apply for housing via AU Housing and we cannot offer you a room, we will contact you no later than 1 July.

Conditions of the AU Housing service:

  • you must have been accepted as an exchange student or freemover at AU
  • your present accommodation is outside Denmark and you have not lived in Denmark for more than 3 months previously
  • you can submit your application 1.3.-1.5. (autumn term) and 15.9.-1.11. (spring term)
  • you must submit your housing application along with your application for admission to AU (it is not possible to submit a housing application separately)
  • you must accept the terms and conditions of AU Housing
  • a booking fee of 500 DKK will be charged when accepting a housing offer from AU Housing   
  • you must be able to pay the first month's rent with a payment card when you receive the housing offer
  • you must accept, that you cannot choose a specific location for your accommodation and that you will not be offered on-campus accommodation.

Advantages of the AU Housing service:

  • Easy application process integrated with the admission procedure
  • Handling of your housing contract 
  • Handling of contact & payment to utility providers (heating, water, electricity)
  • Secure and easy payment of rent and deposit
  • Internet included
  • Furniture included
  • Elaborate information about your lease in English
  • AU Housing service and guidance throughout your stay
  • Housing guarantee in the spring semester (students arriving in January/February)

AU Housing - housing options

Student dorms and shared facility houses

At AU Housing options you find information about the student dorms and shared facility houses in which AU Housing disposes of rooms. Here you find a prices overview.


Especially in the autumn term we will be able to offer students housing to sublet. Most of the rooms/apartments will be be offered by Danish students going to study abroad, but also private landlords offer rooms to sublet. Read more about subletting.


It is NOT POSSIBLE to choose a specific dorm or shared facility house. When you fill in your application you can prioritize if you prefer a room in a dorm or in a shared facility house, and you can prioritize specific types of accommodation (like private/shared bathroom, room in shared apartment etc.) As most/all applicants prefer the same rooms (cheap and/or close to campus), we are not able to handle specific wishes.

General information about student housing in Aarhus

In Aarhus students don't live on campus and few students live in the city center where prices are very high. You must therefore prepare yourself for commuting to/from campus by bike, bus, tram or train every day. From most dorms it will take you a maximum of 30 minutes. Don't worry! Transportation is very easy in Aarhus, and after a few weeks you will be familiar with it.

Specific housing preferences

IF you want a specific location of your new home, or a room close to campus, you should NOT apply for housing via AU Housing, but instead find a room on the private market yourself. It is not very easy and we recommend that you start house hunting 2-3 months before arrival. There is no tradition in Aarhus for finding a room after arrival, and we STRONGLY recommend that you do not arrive without having a place to stay.

Housing for couples and families

Do you bring your partner and/or children - look here.

AU Housing - practical information and FAQ

  • Read more about practical information about housing via AU Housing here.
  • Information about the mentor/buddy programme here.
  • FAQ

Student Housing Aarhus

Student Housing Aarhus (Ungdomsbolig Aarhus)

Student Housing Aarhus is an independent organisation from where most rooms in dorms in Aarhus are allocated. Student Housing Aarhus and AU Housing are two different organisations.

Before accepting a housing offer, check this:

  • Most rooms allocated through Student Housing Aarhus are unfurnished (at the dorms Skjoldhøj and Ravnsbjerg there might be some furniture you can borrow (not guaranteed.))
  • Are utilities (electricity, water, heating and internet) included in the rent or have to be paid for separately
  • How are the termination notice deadlines (normally 6 weeks but can be up to 3 months) and how are the procedures if you want to terminate your contract
  • Cancellation procedures (if you have accepted a housing offer, but regret)

Applying at AU Housing and Student Housing Aarhus at the same time

You can apply for housing both at AU Housing and at Student Housing Aarhus. Before you accept a housing offer, you must carefully check the cancellation policy, so you do not end up with unnecessary expenses. Exchange students arriving in January and February are offered a housing guarantee from AU Housing, and therefore we recommend that you do not apply at Student Housing Aarhus.

Application guide Student Housing Aarhus

Step-by-step: How to sign up for halls of residence

  1. To apply for a room in a residence go to
  2. Read the instructions and the general rules for applicants carefully, and also use the help functions. Please note that it is a good idea to apply for all or a large number of different dorms, not just the centrally located ones which have very long waiting lists.
  3. Submit your application to Student Housing Aarhus as early as possible. It is free to submit an application and to be on the waiting list. Rooms are allocated according to your seniority on the waiting list. 
  4. To retain your application for accommodation, you must actively renew it every month. Do not forget it (!) - or you will have to start from the bottom of the waiting list again.

Housing Guarantee

Aarhus Municipality offers a housing guarantee in the autumn semester to all new students in Aarhus admitted to a higher level education. The housing guarantee means that you are given first priority in the queue for accommodation and that you apply from among a pool of rooms reserved for this purpose – normally the halls of residence with the shortest waiting lists located in the outer suburbs. There are specific conditions connected to this service and specified deadlines. Read more about it and fill in your application at

Rent and deposit

It is normal to pay both a deposit (normally three months rent) and either a payment equal to three months' rent or the first month's rent prior to or upon commencement of the lease. It means that you must be able to pay 4-6 months rent at one time BEFORE you can take over the lease. Bear that in mind when you plan your expenses for your first months in Denmark. Read more here.

How to find housing at the private market