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Below you find information about long-term housing options in Aarhus that are available through a variety of private people, companies or associations. Through these sources you will be able to find rooms for rent or entire apartments or houses that are available for rent. Before starting your house hunt we recommend you read the tips and the information on how to avoid scams.

Tips to start your housing search

Start searching immediately

It is not easy to find accommodation in Aarhus, and it can be both difficult and time consuming, especially if you do not speak Danish and cannot arrive in Aarhus a month or two before your studies or employment start. We strongly recommend that you arrange accommodation BEFORE you arrive to Aarhus. Unlike many other places, there is no tradition in Aarhus for landlords to offer rooms to international students or staff and you will therefore have to compete about the vacant rooms/flats with Danish residents.

Finding accommodation near campus

Danes as well as internationals prefer to live close to campus. Therefore prices are high and it can be very difficult to find a vacant room or apartment. As the public transportation system in Aarhus works very well, you might consider accommodation in the outskirts of Aarhus. It is considerably easier and cheaper to find accommodation in the outskirts and you can reach campus within 30 minutes from distances up to 15 km. There are many nice areas to live in apart from the city center, and you will find shops, schools, sport facilities AND busses/trains also outside the city center. Check www.rejseplanen.dk and you will find that within 30 minutes you can reach campus from most of the smaller communities.

Use Google Translate

Below you can find useful links to some of the more popular sources for finding long-term accommodation via the private market. As the majority of the advertisements on the following sites will be in Danish, then Google Translate can be your best friend. You can copy/paste individual words/sentences in the Google Translate search box or copy/paste an entire URL, which translates the entire website.

An interesting article

Survivor's guide to finding housing in Aarhus.

More relevant information

International Community

Life in Denmark

AU Staff Housing Portal

AU Staff Housing Portal
At AU Staff Housing Portal you can find or post advertisements for free, if you are seeking accommodation or if you would like to sublet or let accommodation to staff, postdocs and/or PhD students at Aarhus University.

Housing Portals

This is Denmark's largest housing portal where both private persons and some companies opt to advertise their rooms, apartments or houses for let or sublet. You can find information in Danish and English although many of the descriptions are in Danish. Although it is free to search amongst all the listings, it will cost you a fee to gain access to all the contact information of the various advertisers.

HomeLike -Newly-built service apartments in Skejby
HomeLike can be used by business people, health care personnel, researchers and private individuals.
Various companies also have their own HomeLike apartment, which is put at the disposal of employees or guests. Designed and built for all who have use for a temporary residence. Fully furnished living quarters with a homey atmosphere and all of the essential facilities.     

Housing portal with 2-3000 housing offers.

Lejebolig competes with BoligPortal and also have a wide selection of properties for rent. They have an English website where you can search for accommodation and buy a Seekers Package, in order to gain access to the contact information of landlords.

Facebook - Groups
If you are a member of the social networking site, Facebook, then the group called 'Lejligheder til salg og leje i Århus' (Apartments for sale and rent in Aarhus) could be useful as it has become a popular place for people to post a message about their available room or apartment or for housing seekers to post about their wishes for housing. 

Danske Udlejere
Danske Udlejere is an association for property owners in Denmark. They offer a free-to-use portal, 'Leje-portalen', where their property-owning members advertise their accommodation if they wish to rent it out. The website itself is only in Danish but it is relatively easy to navigate, if you were to use Google Translate.

Find Housing Denmark
Information about renting and buying housing in Denmark.

 *Note: Both BoligPortal and Lejebolig offer a digital housing agent service, respectively called "FindBolig e-mail"(only in Danish) or "Create Property Agent" (available in English as well).  When you sign-up for the service using your e-mail address, it allows you to define certain criteria for your search, such as location, price and number of rooms. After this you will receive daily e-mails with new listings that fit your criteria.

Other options


Leasing contract

Do not pay rent and deposit to the landlord before having received a signed leasing contract. Your landlord could use this authorized version in Danish. The English version of the lease contract is not authorized but can be used as a translation of the authorized Danish contract. 

Private rental companies or housing administrators

Most private rental companies and housing administrators only have information provided on their website in Danish. You can easily use tools such as Google Translate to translate either sections of a website or the full site (in this case just copy the link of the website into the translation box and click on the link that is automatically generated).

Taurus freely list their accommodation on their site as well as their contact information. To see if there are any availabilities, check the links for each residence on the menu on the left. The ones located in Aarhus are marked Kappelvænget, Nordlandsvej, Gustav Holmsvej, Malmøgade, Skovvejen, Emiliedalsvej and Emiliedalen. New projects: Pionerhusene and Risskov Engpark.

EDC - Thorvaldsensgade
EDC rents out 30 flats in Thorvaldsensgade in central Aarhus.

Aarhus Lejeboliger

B2 Holding does not offer an overview of their available apartments but it is free to contact their housing administrators by phone or e-mail to inquire about any availabilities. You can sign up at a waiting list at their website. They mostly have apartments in the Northern part of Aarhus, which is still quite close to Aarhus University. At an additional cost, they can also offer furnished accommodation.

Høgh & Rousing
At the homepage you find an overview of available apartments - look at 'ledige boliger.' They mostly have apartments in the city centre. At an additional cost, they call also offer furnished accommodation.

Henning Poulsen
Henning Poulsen does not provide an overview of the available apartments as they prefer to receive an application from you and then provide you with offers. It is free to do so and they have many apartments of varying sizes, prices and locations in Aarhus. Send an e-mail to them telling them more about yourself, your job, your wishes regarding size of the apartment, maximum rent, desired moving-in date, as well as any other needs you might have for accommodation.

Mogens de Linde
Mogens de Linde offer a free overview of the apartments they have available, as well as contact information under each listing. They primarily have apartments in the centre of Aarhus with a mixed price range.

Hestia Ejendomme
Hestia Ejendomme provides a free overview of all their available listings via the link on their site. There is also contact information you can use to contact them if you are interested in any of their listings. They have different sized apartments spread across the city, although all are within either Aarhus C (Centre) or Aarhus N (also very close to Aarhus University).

Dansk Administrations Center
Dansk Administrations Centre's portal 'Lej-en-bolig.dk' is free to use and contact information is listed with each offer. Click on 'Østjylland'(East Jutland), on the right hand side, to view the current offers in Aarhus. There are often listings within the 5000-8000 DKK price range. 

Colliers Ejendomsadministration

Colliers freely lists their available accommodation on their site as well as their contact information. They have accommodation in both Aarhus C as well as Viby (just south of the city centre), which vary greatly in size and price.

EDC freely lists their available accommodation on their site as well as their contact information. 

DEAS's portal 'Findbolig.nu' is free to use and offers a variety of housing both in the city centre as well as just outside. It is based on waiting lists, so you need to sign-up for their service, which is very quick to do, and apply for the listings which you like.

NME Ejendomsadministration
NME Ejendomsadministration runs via an application system where you must fill out a form, after which they will contact you if they have something suitable. It is however free to apply. They have apartments of varying sizes in Aarhus C, N and S. 

Housing Denmark
Housing Denmark helps people let or sublet their residences and are especially used to helping expats find larger accommodation. The apartments and houses they have listed are typically above 8000 DKK per month. They have housing information in English and their housing database is free of charge for seekers to access.

More info

You can find more information about renting accommodation on WorkInDenmark. 

Online marketplaces

Via AirBnB you can book accommodation for shorter or longer with private landlords. AirBnB is very popular in Denmark and used throughout the country.


Via Campaya you can find a holiday home/summer cottage.


Avoid housing scams

As can happen everywhere, from time to time accommodation seekers are cheated by fictitious landlords. Be aware of offers that seem ‘too good to be true’, of leasing contracts in English, check the address at www.krak.dk and if at all possible you should ask a local friend to check the lease before transferring rent and deposit. Read more about how to avoid housing scams.

Social housing associations in Aarhus

This website is a cooperation between all social housing associations in Aarhus, who together have a large number of apartments (approx. 45,000 in total) at their disposal.

You need to sign-up, pay a fee of 100kr every year and select the apartments that you would like to apply for. You will then be placed on a waiting list for the residences you have selected.

You can also find some apartments that allow you to get further ahead in the queue if you can fulfill certain criteria, such as being employed, applicants above 55 without children living at home, etc. On the page you can see the different criteria for the different apartments.  

Housing via the social housing associations are some of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, types of housing you can get in Aarhus. This also makes it extremely sought after and leads to long waiting lists as explained below. Housing in the outskirts of Aarhus might be available also after few months at the waiting list. The waiting list is administered uncorruptly and you don't risk scams.

Unfortunately, the waiting lists can be extremely long (very often from 3-20 years), so this is not a good option if you are staying in Aarhus for a short while only. If you plan to stay for a long duration, you could sign up for a membership. The homepage is in Danish only, and you need to use Google translate to understand it if you don't speak Danish. Only unfurnished accommodation, and sometimes fridge, stove etc. are not provided.

Short term accommodation in Aarhus (few days or weeks)

Short term accommodation in Aarhus - PhD/Staff