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Copenhagen - private market (shorter)

We have below compiled a list of B&Bs, hostels, and other accommodation that you could make use of if you need a temporary home.


Rent a room from a private landlord for shorter or longer stays.

Overview of Bed-and-Breakfast in Denmark


Joan and Jørn Schultz: Privatelodging

Names: Joan and Jørn Schultz
Address: Grønnemose Alle 105-107,
2860 Søborg  
Phone no.: +45 2721 8741
+45 6199 8741
E-mail: jschultz@privatelodging.dk
Website: http://privatelodging.dk


Danhostel has three hostels in the Copenhagen area. Find more information here.

Other hostels

Find a number of different hostels here.