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Copenhagen - private market (longer)

There are many opportunities to find privately owned accommodation in Copenhagen. This can be in the form of rooms or apartments let out directly by individual property owners, or sublet by their tenants, as well as rooms or apartments let out by property rental companies.

We have compiled a number of useful resources that can help you on your way to finding your next home.


  • Denmark's largest and most popular portal for finding accommodation for let/sublet.
  • The site is available in English as well. 
  • It is free to see all the listings, however to get access to the contact information of landlords a fee of approximately 365 DKK for a 2 month membership must be paid. 


  • Offers about 2,300 homes in Copenhagen.


  • Housing portal



  • A large housing portal where you find housing offers from primarily private persons.


  • Apartments in Copenhagen for days, weeks and months.


  • Centrally located hotel pension.


  • Apartments in Copenhagen


  • Furnish apartment rentals in Copenhagen


  • Housing portal with 2-3000 available housing offers.


  • Also a popular housing portal. You can surf for free, and do you wish to contact a landlord, it costs 29 DKK/14 days.


  • A listing of student residences, dorms, and apartments from both private landlords and public landlords.

Den Blå Avis (DBA)

  • Provides classifieds advertisements in Danish and is free to use.,


  • They focus mostly on the higher end market where they often have availabilities for apartments 80m2 and larger for around 9.000 DKK/month and above.


  • They offer serviced, as well as some unserved (unfurnished) apartments, in Copenhagen. Contact them for offers.

Danish Homes

  • They offer a wide variety of furnished and unfurnished apartments in, and around, Copenhagen. Prices are slightly more expensive than if renting via private persons.


  • Free to use. Only available in Danish. Find apartments with short notices.

Find Housing Denmark

  • Information about renting and buying housing in Denmark.

Other options


Since it can be very difficult to find accommodation in Copenhagen we advise you to start early.

As everywhere, from time to time students are cheated by fictitious landlords. Be aware of offers that seem ‘too good to be true’, and preferably you should ask a local friend to check the lease before transferring rent and deposit. Read our guide to avoiding housing scams to avoid any unpleasant situations. 

If you have questions please email international@edu.au.dk