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Conditions of the AU housing service

  • you will be an Erasmus Mundus or Joint Programme student at AU
  • your present accommodation is outside Denmark and you have not lived in Denmark for more than 3 months previously
  • you must submit your application before the specified deadlines:
           1 May (autumn semester), 1 October (spring semester)
  • you must accept the terms and conditions of the AU Housing service
  • a booking fee of 600 DKK will be charged when accepting a housing offer from AU Housing.   
  • you must be able to pay the first months' rent with a credit card when you receive the housing offer
  • you have to be aware that AU Housing offers temporary accommodation only (6-12 months) and in case you need accommodation for longer, you will be expected to find the next accommodation yourself
  • you can't apply for a specific dorm or location. If you have specific requirements regarding the location of your accommodation, you should NOT apply via AU Housing, but instead apply via www.studenthousingaarhus.com or find a room at the private market.
  • if we can't find an available room for you from the date you request in your application, we will try to find a room for you 14 days before or after the requested date.

If you meet these conditions you can apply for housing via AU Housing and we will try to help you finding a place to stay in Aarhus.