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Welcome to AU's Staff Housing Portal

AU Staff Housing Portal is provided as a free resource for those (private landlords only) interested in letting or subletting accommodation to Aarhus University's international PhD students, Postdocs and guest researchers, as well as anyone from this group searching for accommodation.

This page requires a password. Send an e-mail to ic-staff-housing@au.dk.

Find a new home

Find a tenant

Udlej din bolig/Let out your home

Do you want to let or sublet your home?

You can use the AU Staff Housing Portal if you wish to let/sublet your home to international staff at AU.

You can for free advertise your property by filling in this form.

You can also take a look at the list of current housing-seekers. To get the login details please send an e-mail to ic-staff-housing@au.dk.

The AU Staff Housing Portal is a free service for landlords who wish to rent to international employees at AU. We do not offer individual advice regarding rental contracts, rent, etc., but refer to, for example, to Lejeloven.dk and Bolius.

Find a new home

Do you need a new home?

International staff at AU can use the Staff Housing Portal to find accommodation to let or sublet.

Require login details by sending an e-mail to ic-staff-housing@au.dk. Please inform about your affiliation to Aarhus University in the mail. Danish staff are unfortunately not able to use the Housing Portal. 

We recommend that you fill in a seeking form which we will publish at the seeking list.  

You can find available accommodation at the "Find a new home" list. 

We encourage you to respond to all responses from landlords even if you are not interested in the rental offered.

Practical information

You can find information about rent, deposit, contracts and how to avoid housing scams here.


The advertisements are all of a private character and all agreements are therefore made privately between landlords and tenants. Aarhus University acts only as a mediator and is in no way responsible for any issues that may arise from an agreement made between landlords and tenants.