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Questions regarding practical matters (all students)

For questions regarding practical matters please contact our International Centre

Questions regarding admission (full degrees only)

For questions regarding admission and studies please contact the admissions office

Admissions Office

Phone and opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 9-12 CET (Wednesday closed)

Phone:  +45 87 15 07 20

Bachelor's programmes - ba.admission@au.dk
Master's programmes - ma.admission@au.dk

For parents (to full degree's)

We know it is a major decision for a student to go abroad to undertake a full degree in a new country.

We are also aware that parents, of course, wish to have as much information as possible about the country and the university their son or daughter may go to, to assist them in making an informed decision.

We have therefore made information about Aarhus University and living in Denmark available in many different languages.