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For students from Indonesia

Study at a world-leading institution in Denmark. We offer more than 50 study programmes taught in English. Denmark offers a great work-life balance, with room to combine excellent career opportunities and a life outside of work with your friends and family.

Join us in Scandinavia in one of the happiest countries on Earth.


Admission to AU

Aarhus University offers more than 50 Master’s programs in English and we also welcome several Indonesian students each year. You can find admission requirements for each programme on the page of each programme.

The deadline to apply for non-EU is 15 January. Some programmes – especially within Engineering have deadlines twice a year. 

Funding and scholarships

Aarhus University offers a limited number of scholarships to the most talented non-EU applicants. The annual tuition fee for our Master’s programmes are between approx. IDR 125,000,000 - 230,000,000. 

Indonesian students can apply to LPDP Regular Scholarship (Beasiswa Reguler LPDP) which covers living costs, tuition and supporting fees. ­


Students coming from Indonesia have the opportunity to apply for housing via AU Housing, Student Housing Aarhus or at the private market.   

Meet us

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Are you considering applying to a program at Aarhus University but still have tons of questions? Talk to one of our current Indonesian students to get their view on student life in Denmark. Or join us at one of the many fairs near you!

We are coming to a town near you!

Right here we will update when we will go to Indonesia next for fairs and meetings. This is your chance to talk to an AU representative.

2 November Virtual Open Day at Aarhus University Virtual Open Day | All programmes
5-6 November Indonesia, Jakarta EHEF | STEM
8 November Indonesia, Surabaya EHEF | STEM
9 November Indonesia (online) EHEF | STEM
12 November Indonesia, Jakarta QS Fair | STEM

Cost of living and scholarships

Living costs

Denmark is often considered expensive to international students, but student housing is often very affordable compared to other countries and services such as medical treatment is free of charge. See an example budget for one month in Aarhus. Please note that expenses often vary from person to person.

Estimated student budget for one month in Aarhus
Rent:IDR 7,700,000* 
Food and utilities: IDR 5,100,000
Phone and internet:IDR 770,000
Local transport: IDR 500,000
Books and study supplies: IDR 450,000
Other expenses - like a gym membership, streaming etc: IDR 1,700,000
IDR 16.220.000

*Rent in student housing varies between IDR 5,650,000-9,430,000 per month. Some have internet included.

Estimated Budget for Student in Aarhus

Beasiswa Reguler LPDP (LPDP Scholarship)

Indonesian students admitted to Aarhus University as Master's students in all subject areas can apply to LPDP Regular Scholarship (Beasiswa Reguler LPDP), which covers tuition fees, living costs and supports fees.

For further information: Information

Online application portal: Application

Who can apply for an LPDP Scholarship?

LPDP Scholarship is intended to Indonesian citizens who have completed Diploma Four (D4), Undergraduate studies (S1), or Master studies (S2) to pursue Master or PhD degree, as well as to support other scholarship programs from related Ministries/Institutions. The scholarship selection schedule opens in Phase 1 and Phase 2. For applicants who already have Unconditional LoA are obliged to choose 1 (one) university according to the LPDP university list, while applicants who do not have yet Unconditional LoA are required to choose 3 (three) universities. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living costs and supporting fees.

If you consider applying LPDP Scholarship to do a PhD at Aarhus University, please contact the individual Graduate School in charge of the programme(s) you are interested in applying to. Your possibilities to secure enough money to finance the PhD you wish to apply for can vary at the different Graduate Schools at Aarhus University.

Updated 7 October 2022

Living in Denmark

Student life

Being a student at Aarhus University might differ from Indonesia. Students call professors by their first names and students are expected to engage in academic discussions during classes.

Activities outside class

Many non-academic activities such as sports and music are not organized by the university. Still, there is a ton of activities for students in Aarhus, so you will be sure to have an amazing time here.

Studenterhus Aarhus

A place to start is Studenterhus Aarhus which offers activities for all students in Aarhus. These include a weekly International Night, trips around Denmark and much more. It is also possible to get involved as a volunteer and thereby grow your network in Denmark.

Health and safety in Denmark

Denmark is a very safe country to live in and to be a student. It is widely cited as one of the world’s most liveable places and according to the OECD, it has the world’s highest level of income equality.

Being an international student at Aarhus University you will benefit from free healthcare and a lot of other services. Should you become sick Denmark has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and Aarhus University Hospital has been voted the best hospital in Denmark and ranks 11 in the world according to Newsweek’s World’s Best Hospitals list.

Work and career 

Ghina from Indonesia works and lives in Denmark Denmark is often said to be the happiest country in the world. Ghina Septia Filiana thinks she knows why after spending three years in the country. Originally from Indonesia she came to study at Aarhus University and she has now settled in Denmark and started a career at the world leading pump solutions company, Grundfos. And she intends to stay in Denmark.

Working in Denmark

After having completed a full degree from Aarhus University why not stay in Denmark and look for a job?

Indonesian students who have been granted a residence permit in order to complete a higher educational programme in Denmark are allowed to stay an additional six months after they complete the programme to give them the possibility to look for work in Denmark.

Working while studying

International students in Denmark have the right to work while you live here. Many students in Denmark hold a part-time job. If you are from Indonesia and a non-EU citizen, you may work in Denmark for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during June, July and August. However, this requires a work permit sticker in your passport.

Do I need to speak Danish to study there?

A question we often get when meeting international students is if they need to learn Danish to live and study here. The short answer is: No. Everyone – including taxidrivers and shopkeepers speaks really good English. In fact Danes have been ranked as some of the best non-native English speakers in the world.

Nevertheless, knowing some Danish – even just basic words – can be very useful. If you follow a Danish course you will not only learn Danish, you will also get to know more about the Danish culture, Danes and meet other international students. Find out more about learning Danish for free!

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