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SimHerd A/S is an Animal Science spin out from Aarhus University. For three decades, Aarhus University has developed the SimHerd computer model of a dairy herd. SimHerd A/S was founded in 2010 to provide decision support to the industry by using the SimHerd model. The SimHerd brand has grown from being a simulation model used solely for research purposes, to be also a well renowned business. Vets, breeding advisors and consultants in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries routinely use SimHerd tools as key part off their advisory.

By using the SimHerd model, the farmer or the herd advisor can simulate alternative scenarios based on data driven assumptions for the individual dairy herd. By showing the economic consequence of each scenario, the SimHerd model visualize the potentials of improving herd performance. The scope of the model includes management decision on breeding, reproduction, feeding, health, production, and barn facilities. SimHerd tools are readily available for dairy farms internationally. The product portfolio include tailor-made dashboards for companies.

The company is run by a small team of highly experienced employees being enthusiastic to make research based and data drive decision support readily available to the industry.

Established in 2010.