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Business Collaboration

Collaboration with business and industry plays an important role in both research and education at Aarhus University. We want to support dialogue and partnerships between researchers looking to collaborate with industry, and potential industry partners who want to develop their competitive advantages.

The Aarhus University Business Collaboration Office is dedicated to facilitating mutually beneficial collaboration between the university and business and industry. We strive to meet the interests and needs of companies, public organisations and researchers and students to ensure the best possible form of collaboration.

Reach out to us by phone or email so we can assist you based on your interests and plans for collaboration:

Large Enterprises

Thomas Korsgaard

Key Account Manager Enterprise and Innovation - Partnerships

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Jeppe Dørup Olesen

Head of Innovation Enterprise and Innovation - Innovation

Collaboration with SME's

Bettina Dencker Hansen

Senior Consultant Enterprise and Innovation - Partnerships

Collaboration with students

Jette Hammer

Senior Consultant Enterprise and Innovation - Partnerships

Collaboration with PhD's & Junior Researchers

Vibeke Broe

PhD Career Consultant Enterprise and Innovation - Partnerships

Commercialisation of research

Jonas Brandt

Head of Business Development Enterprise and Innovation - Forretningsudvikling