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Aarhus University Strategy 2013-2020

Aarhus University’s Strategy 2013-2020 was adopted on 5 March 2013 by the Aarhus University Board. The strategy confirms and strengthens the university’s commitment to the course that it has already set, and consolidates its engagement in society.

The strategy focuses on three strategic priorities:

  • Basic research and core disciplines of the highest quality that will generate research breakthroughs and collaborate to produce new interdisciplinary research
  • Solid research-based degree programmes for all students combined with supplementary academic activities and challenges for the most talented and motivated students
  • Internationalised teaching and research programmes that contribute to the high concentration and mobility of talent at all levels. 

Strategy 2013-2020

Internationalisation Strategy

 The internationalisation strategy of Aarhus University 2014-2020 prioritises five core activities; the internationalisation of education, student mobility, internationalisation of research, mobility of researchers and the internationalisation of research-based consultancy.