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Research Collaboration

Researchers at Aarhus University have a long and strong tradition for research collaboration and co-publishing and are eager to engage in international research collaboration to the benefit of all involved.

Danish researchers are world champions in writing highly cited academic articles. According to Times Higher Education Supplement's survey of the most-cited nations Denmark ranks as no. 1. However, research excellence is not all. The overall job satisfaction depends upon more factors; social as well as cultural. In this respect Aarhus University has a lot to offer. According to Nature Magazine's International Career Survey, Denmark ranks as the one most likely to provide its scientists with an excellent all-round experience.

Looking at ranking evaluations you will see that universities that engage in collaborative research rank higher than those who do not. You will also notice that co-authored articles are quoted more frequently than articles with only one author. However, research collaboration is costly and potentially difficult because of language barriers, geographical distance and cultural challenges.

Please let us know your ideas and perspectives on potential strategic alliances, such as summer schools, research collaboration, joint degrees summer schools or others.

International alliances and networks

Aarhus University participates in a number of international alliances and networks dedicated to education, research and collaboration and thereby adding value and contributing to Aarhus University reaching its full potential.

Find out more about the different alliances and networks.

Student Exchange

Aarhus University is a well-established host for international students from all over the world, offering more than 60 programmes taught in English. International Centre (IC) at Aarhus University is a professional unit catering to international students both in and outside of Aarhus University.

We currently have 1,800 international students annually, with an ambition to expand. IC assists the increasingly large and diverse group of international students aiming to make the students’ transition from home to Aarhus University as easy and as pleasant as possible.

IC offers arrival and departure assistance, housing services for international students and for other visiting groups, logistics services, welcoming programme with introductions to Danish, the Danes and studying in Denmark, social events, support in practical matters and much more.

With a partnership agreement ensuring balanced student exchange, students from your university do not pay tuition fees at Aarhus University.

Public sector consultancy

Aarhus University provides high-quality research-based consultancy services to national and international government agencies and institutions.

Technology Transfer

Explore IPR available for licensing and learn how AU works with innovation and commercialisation of technologies.