Aarhus University Seal

Vision and principles

The overall vision for AU’s campus in Aarhus is to develop and strengthen it by consolidating it around the University Park, the University City and Katrinebjerg. Meanwhile, the framework for AU activities outside of Aarhus will continue to be developed, particularly in Foulum, Herning and Emdrup.  

The physical development of AU’s campus will ensure that the university can continue to provide an appealing work and study environment that attracts talented and committed students and staff. 

Ten principles for the university of tomorrow

Based on the vision, ten overall principles have been developed. The principles will guide the strategic development of the university's campuses in the coming years.

Aarhus University’s campus shall:

  1. promote integration of research and education
  2. promote interdisciplinary research, education and innovation
  3. promote future forms of teaching
  4. be a flexible study environment with many places for study
  5. be an international campus
  6. be able to offer housing to students and researchers
  7. promote collaboration with the business community and the local community
  8. be enhanced by non-university activities
  9. be a car-free area
  10. be sustainably developed.

Seven themes for campus development

  • Research
  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Shared facilities
  • Infrastructure (physical and technical)
  • Relocations

Learn more about the themes here.

A changing campus. Since 1928

Campus is a term for something both wonderfully precise and charmingly opaque.

Perhaps a campus can best be described as a special sense of cohesion that can be easily delimited on a map and which can also be broken into more than 50,000 individual parts, one for each student, researcher and employee at AU. Campus is a place to meet up, yes. But a campus is first and foremost a curious and ever-changing cultural environment where people study, carry out research, work and live. We are currently in the midst of significant physical changes at the university. But from a historical perspective, these changes are a natural extension of everything that the university has pursued for more than 100 years: Constant and concerted progress towards the next relevant version of campus.