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Read about the steering committee, the master plan group and the campus group, who are working on implementing the plans for AU’s physical development.

The steering committee

The steering committee for Campus 2.0 is made up of Aarhus University’s senior management team and the director of FEAS (Forskningsfondens Ejendomsselskab A/S).

The steering committee makes the strategic and managerial decisions regarding the development of the Aarhus University campus. The steering committee is responsible for the overall prioritisation and financial management.

The steering committee meets every three months.  

Master plan group

The master plan group consists of the faculties’ heads of building services, the project director of FEAS, the project manager for Campus 2.0 at Aarhus BSS, two people from AU Estates Projects and Development and one from the Rector’s Office. A programme manager serves as the link between the steering committee and the master plan group.

The main task of the master plan group is to:

  • coordinate Aarhus University’s use of land
  • initiate and/or approve the creation of tracks and projects and approve terms of reference
  • follow up on the work on tracks and projects
  • make a written report on the progress of tracks and projects for the steering committee
  • prepare draft decisions for the steering committee.

The master plan group meets every other week.

The campus group

The campus group consists of people from the Rector’s Office and people from AU Finance and Estates Projects and Development. The group refers to the programme manager who serves as a link between the campus group and the master plan group.

The campus group supports the master plan group with various tasks.