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Several changes will take place in Katrinebjerg over the next five years. A new building of 8,850 m2 will be constructed for Arts, Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences, while existing buildings in the so-called “IT Corner” and “IT Park” will be renovated. In addition, a section of the courtyard area by the IT Corner and the IT Park will be covered. The new overall plan involves activities from the faculties Arts, Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences and is based on an academic vision for the area. It is intended to support the university’s IT and engineering activities and to provide students and employees in the area with better facilities for collaboration and synergy between degree programmes.

AU currently has the following degree programmes located in Katrinebjerg: Computer Science, Digital Design and Information Studies, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Media and Journalism Studies. In addition, most employees at the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering have already moved to Katrinebjerg as part of the plan to bring to together AU’s engineering programmes. In the long term, students and employees from Civil and Architectural Engineering, currently based at Navitas, will move into a new building in Katrinebjerg.

The City of Aarhus has developed two district plans (district plan 1052, district plan 1117) for the area, one of which includes a design manual that works in conjunction with AU’s development in the area. These plans include a main campus street, more student and family housing, commercial properties and several green recreational areas. Employees and students will also get a new cafeteria in place of the current canteen in INCUBA.