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Research support

Aarhus University offers a range of services and support functions for researchers.

Research Support Office

The Research Support Office helps researchers find relevant sources of funding, prepare proposals and administer complex EU projects. The office also contributes to national and international research agendas.

The Research Support Office is there to help you with:

  • Fundraising and preparing proposals
  • The proposal – structure, language and quality assurance
  • Funding strategies
  • New knowledge through workshops, courses, and presentations on national and European grant sources
  • Overview of relevant databases
  • Bibliometric analyses and assistance when searching for information
  • Project administration

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Technology Transfer

If you produce an invention as part of your research, the Technology Transfer team can help you to report, commercialise and patent the invention. The team also offers support and advice if you are considering starting your own business based on an invention or other research results. 

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Collaborating with business and industry

Aarhus University offers advice and support on collaborating with business and industry. 

We can help you clarify your needs, contact relevant business partners, and establish and facilitate collaborative business partnerships.

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Responsible conduct of research at AU

Aarhus University is committed to scientific integrity and the responsible conduct of research, and the university has adopted a policy for responsible conduct of research as well as a code of practice.

The policy establishes a number of general principles and standards for responsible conduct of research which are applicable to all fields of research at Aarhus University. 

The code of practice includes rules that make up the formal framework for scientific integrity at Aarhus University. 

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AU Library

AU Library offers a number of services to researchers and teachers, from help acquiring research materials to guidance on publishing strategies, citation analyses and copyright.

Services for researchers include:

  • Reference management tools
  • PURE publication registration guidance
  • Systematic reviews
  • ORCID Researcher ID
  • Open Access to research publications
  • Home access to electronic resources

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