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Diplomas at Aarhus University

Digital diplomas

In the summer of 2018, Aarhus University will begin issuing digital diplomas. This means that the university will no longer send physical copies of graduates’ diplomas to them. Instead, a digital diploma will be sent to graduates’ e-Boks. Graduates can share their diplomas with third parties from e-Boks (See the guide on the subpage for AU graduates). Graduates can also choose to print out hard copies of their digital diplomas. In connection with job applications, digital diplomas will make it easier for possible future employers to verify graduates’ qualifications, because graduates can give them direct access to view the original diploma from Aarhus University.

The information on this page provides an overview of the possibilities offered by digital diplomas and how to handle them, either as a graduate or a third party, for example an employer.

The legal framework for the issuance of diplomas

Read more about the Diploma Supplement, the legislation, etc. here.