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Describe your research in 90 seconds

Do you want to reach a new audience for your research? Can you communicate your research project in less than two minutes? Well, now you have the chance! AU Communication is making a camera and space on the website available for the PhD students who have the courage to very briefly describe their research. The video clips will be one of the contributions to the PhD Day 2014.

Imagine running into an old acquaintance in a lift. You have the time it takes from getting into the lift until you arrive 90 seconds later to describe your research - and its significance. Does that sound like an impossible task? Or a good opportunity to give an ‘outsider’ a unique insight into your research universe?

If you agree with the last statement, you now have the chance to have a professional video clip made, in which you are the main character. Here you will have one-and-a-half minutes to describe your PhD project. And at the same time, you are also helping to present a picture of the research environment at Health.

The video clips are a contribution to the PhD Day 2014, where the theme is scientific communication. The clips will be uploaded to www.ph.d.au.dk/phdday-health, where other PhD students, staff at AU, students, potential PhD students, journalists, your own family etc. can view them.

In addition, the clips will be shown on screens at the PhD Day on 24 January 2014, and they will be used as publicity at www.au.dk in the run-up to the day. The video clips will continue to be available on the website after 24 January 24, 2014.

Recording at three locations

Those who wish to take part in the project should attend one of the three recording locations, which will be set-up next week. See below. 

Recording locations and times:



Skejby: Department of Clinical Medicine, 1st floor, room 23, sign 13.

Monday 13th, 10.00 -13.00

Campus: Victor Albeck Building, 1267-213

Tuesday 14th, 9.00 -12.00

Campus: Victor Albeck Building, 1265-114

Wednesday 15th, 13.00 - 16.00


Learn how to participate in the project

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