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Listing all the users in the department 'Alexandra Instituttet A/S'
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
132359Henrik Pedersen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Shpe@au.dk 
301595Simon Leminen Madsen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sslm@eng.au.dk 
6383Susanne Bjerre Johannesen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Ssusanne.bjerre@alexandra.dk 
18135Rasmus Bækby   Alexandra Instituttet A/Srasmus.baekby@alexandra.dk 
19356Jakob Fredslund   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sjakob.fredslund@alexandra.dk 
20193Peter Andersen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Speter.andersen@alexandra.dk 
20244Susanne Brøndberg   Alexandra Instituttet A/Ssusanne.brondberg@alexandra.dk 
21561Lene Holst Mortensen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Slene.h.mortensen@alexandra.dk 
22033Niels Husted KjærCEO  Alexandra Instituttet A/Sniels.husted.kjaer@alexandra.dk 
22085Helle Markmann   Alexandra Instituttet A/Shelle.markmann@alexandra.dk 
27738Tejs Scharling   Alexandra Instituttet A/Stejs.scharling@alexandra.dk 
70878Eva Bjerrum   Alexandra Instituttet A/Seva.bjerrum@alexandra.dk 
76889Poul Grynnerup Skouboe   Alexandra Instituttet A/Spoul.skouboe@alexandra.dk 
80783Anne Bøgh Fangel   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sanne.b.fangel@alexandra.dk 
81907Jens Kaas Benner   Alexandra Instituttet A/S  
82971Michael Christensen  2338 2184Alexandra Instituttet A/Smichael.christensen@alexandra.dk 
94911Jørgen Rasmussen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sjoergen.rasmussen@alexandra.dk 
103504Tom Feldberg Hagensen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Stom.hagensen@alexandra.dk 
104135Allan Hansen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sfrank.allan.hansen@alexandra.dk 
115934Gunnar Kramp   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sgunnar.kramp@alexandra.dk 

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    • DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy: +45 8715 5000
    • DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture: +45 8715 6000

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