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Listing all the users in the department 'Alexandra Instituttet A/S'
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
576873Zaruhi Aslanyan   Alexandra Instituttet A/Szaruhi.aslanyan@alexandra.dk 
583100Sarah Maria Niebe Abel   Alexandra Instituttet A/Ssarah.niebe@alexandra.dk 
586376Flemming Adsersen   Alexandra Instituttet A/S  
605415Shuna Rana Nazari   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sshuna.nazari@alexandra.dk 
608727Harshit Mahapatra   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sharshitmahapatra95@gmail.com 
621766Kristian Tølbøl Rasmussen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Skristian.tolbol@alexandra.dk 
621767Zhongyu Wang   Alexandra Instituttet A/Szhongyu.wang@alexandra.dk 
624102Fredrik Dalland Holsten   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sfredrik.holsten@alexandra.dk 
652603Oliver Gyldenberg Hjermitslev   Alexandra Instituttet A/Soliver.gyldenberg@alexandra.dk 
654894Panagiotis Vasilikos   Alexandra Instituttet A/Spanagiotis.vasilikos@alexandra.dk 
656372Krestina Trane Horup Rasmussen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Skrestina.rasmussen@alexandra.dk 
684649Ophélie Lacroix   Alexandra Instituttet A/S  
689102Marcus Vinther Tanghøj   Alexandra Instituttet A/S  
689199Bob Pepin   Alexandra Instituttet A/S  
465628Kirsten Preem 2149 9108 Alexandra Instituttet A/Skirsten.preem@alexandra.dk 
465617Cédric Giffart 2452 8569 Alexandra Instituttet A/Scedric.giffart@alexandra.dk 
2885Ole Lehrmann Madsen 8715 61872015 4451Alexandra Instituttet A/Sole.l.madsen@cs.au.dk 

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    • DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy: +45 8715 5000
    • DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture: +45 8715 6000

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