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Listing all the users in the department 'Alexandra Instituttet A/S'
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
412351Jesper Rosleff   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sjesper.rosleff@alexandra.dk 
416953Thomas Spanggaard   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sthomas.spanggaard@alexandra.dk 
419365Inge Haunstrup   Alexandra Instituttet A/Singe.haunstrup@alexandra.dk 
458226Amalie Brogaard Pauli   Alexandra Instituttet A/Samalie.nyhagen@alexandra.dk 
458232Jens Ager Sørensen   Alexandra Instituttet A/S  
471171Sebastian von Cappelen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Ssebastian.cappelen@alexandra.dk 
476629Rune Wehner   Alexandra Instituttet A/Srune.wehner@alexandra.dk 
478474Thomas GilbertProjektforsker  Alexandra Instituttet A/Sthomas.gilbert@alexandra.dk 
488458Kristian Almegaard Dath   Alexandra Instituttet A/Skristian.dath@alexandra.dk 
491698Alexandre AlapetiteProjektforsker  Alexandra Instituttet A/Salexandre.alapetite@alexandra.dk 
515425Søren Rasmussen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Ssoren.rasmussen@alexandra.dk 
516332Sara Benedicte Neukirch   Alexandra Instituttet A/Ssara.neukirch@alexandra.dk 
527157Ronnie Turpie   Alexandra Instituttet A/S  
548204Anders Kofod-Petersen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sanders@alexandra.dk 
548641Niklas Oehlerich-ZuritaStudentermedhjælper  Alexandra Instituttet A/Sniklas.o.zurita@alexandra.dk 
550101Frederik Tollund Juutilainen   Alexandra Instituttet A/S  
552202Katrine Hommelhoff Jensen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Skatrine.hommelhoff@alexandra.dk 
571149Magnus Koch   Alexandra Instituttet A/Smagnus.koch@alexandra.dk 
572313Morten Pol Engell-Nørregård   Alexandra Instituttet A/Smorten.engell-norregard@alexandra.dk 
576497Jonas Fehr   Alexandra Instituttet A/S  

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