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Listing all the users in the department 'Alexandra Instituttet A/S'
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
203421Jesper Løgager Jakobsen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sjesper.jakobsen@alexandra.dk 
203843Laura Møller   Alexandra Instituttet A/Slaura.moller@alexandra.dk 
205981Sarah Maria Rasch   Alexandra Instituttet A/Ssarah.maria.rasch@alexandra.dk 
208552Lisa Lorentzen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Slisa.lorentzen@alexandra.dk 
227496Tore Kasper Frederiksen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Store.frederiksen@alexandra.dk 
236773Henrik Overballe   Alexandra Instituttet A/Shenrik.overballe@alexandra.dk 
256748Jack Ord Rasmussen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sjack.ord@alexandra.dk 
258578Kasper Fænø Bay Noer   Alexandra Instituttet A/Skasper.noer@alexandra.dk 
264765Mads Schaarup Andersen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Smads.andersen@alexandra.dk 
273870Anders Rørbek Jensen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sanders.roerbek@alexandra.dk 
277142Mette Breth Bakmand   Alexandra Instituttet A/Smette.breth@alexandra.dk 
282052Laura Lynggaard Nielsen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Slaura.nielsen@alexandra.dk 
292255Søren Krogh   Alexandra Instituttet A/Ssoren.krogh@alexandra.dk 
292461Søren Pedersen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Ssoeren.pedersen@alexandra.dk 
299743Trine Plambech   Alexandra Instituttet A/Strine.plambech@alexandra.dk 
320975Rikke Lillelund Wetterstrøm   Alexandra Instituttet A/Srikke.wetterstroem@alexandra.dk 
321968Bente Larsen   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sbente.larsen@alexandra.dk 
335673Morten Birk   Alexandra Instituttet A/Smorten.birk@alexandra.dk 
339037Thomas Holst   Alexandra Instituttet A/Sthomas.holst@alexandra.dk 
408355Marie Ravnborg Yde   Alexandra Instituttet A/Smarie.yde@alexandra.dk 

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