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Listing all the users in the department 'Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologi'
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
657143Alexis Armando Fonseca PozaPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologiafonseca@bio.au.dk 
184933Andreas Schramm  6020 2659Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologiandreas.schramm@bio.au.dk 
511745Ann-Sofie Dam   Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologiann-sofiedam@bio.au.dk 
484015Benjamin Smed Korsgaard   Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologibsk@bio.au.dk 
464956Ian Marshall  9194 3927Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologiianpgm@bio.au.dk 
276Lars Peter NielsenProfessor, centerleder 6020 2654Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologilpn@bio.au.dk 
125806Lars Riis Damgaard  2635 3609Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologilrd@bio.au.dk 
682321Leonid Digel   Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologidigel@bio.au.dk 
281522Mette DE Jepsen  9352 2346Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologimettej@bio.au.dk 
409Nils Risgaard-PetersenLektor8715 65422965 6325Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologinils.risgaard-petersen@bio.au.dk 
21188Pia Bomholt Jensen  2338 2114Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologipia@inano.au.dk 
598598Ronny Mario Baaske   Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologirb@bio.au.dk 
19033Thomas Boesen   Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologithb@inano.au.dk 
284646Ugo Marzocchi  2139 8372Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologiugomar@bio.au.dk 
597176Vincent Valentin Scholz   Institut for Biologi - Center for Elektromikrobiologivincent.scholz@bio.au.dk 

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