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Listing all the users in the department 'Institut for Biomedicin'
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
727477Adriano José Maia Chaves FilhoPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinachaves@biomed.au.dk 
521629Aimi Danielle K HamiltonPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinaiha@biomed.au.dk 
730762Aisha Shigna NadukkandyPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinau730762@biomed.au.dk 
626942Alana Miranda PinheiroPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinamp@biomed.au.dk 
524661Alexander Rafael LaVilla LabialPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicina.labial@biomed.au.dk 
460782Alice PedersenPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinak@biomed.au.dk 
619977Angela Anna Paula Victoria HerengtPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinangelaherengt@biomed.au.dk 
485050Anne Bruun RovsingPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinannebr@biomed.au.dk 
547628Anne Louise JensenPh.d.-studerende 2361 3237Institut for Biomedicinanloje@biomed.au.dk 
195392Bjørn Kristensen Fabian-JessingPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinbkfj@biomed.au.dk 
629223Buxbaum Joseph DHonorary Skou Professor  Institut for Biomedicin  
557385Camilla Blunk BrandtPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicincbb@biomed.au.dk 
470334Camilla Grønkjær JensenPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicincgj@biomed.au.dk 
338464Casper HomiliusPh.d.-studerende 3023 5041Institut for Biomedicincasperhomilius@biomed.au.dk 
629241Cecilia LundbergHonorary Skou Professor  Institut for Biomedicin  
306068Cecilie Linneberg MatthiesenPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicincl@biomed.au.dk 
588483Cecilie Siem Bach-NielsenPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinbach@biomed.au.dk 
541787Cecilie Skøtt FeidenhanslPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicincecilief@biomed.au.dk 
455506Christian StæhrPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinchst@biomed.au.dk 
476588Christina Shen-Zhuang NielsenPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Biomedicinshenzhuang@biomed.au.dk 

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