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Listing all the users in the department 'Institut for Økonomi - CREATES'
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
465Michael SørensenResearch Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESmichael@math.ku.dk 
2990Asger LundeResearch Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESalunde@econ.au.dk 
4743Helle BunzelInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATEShbunzel@iastate.edu 
10753Lars StentoftInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESlars.stentoft@uwo.ca 
21518Nicholas Maximilian KieferInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESnickkiefer@aol.com 
24656Anders RahbekResearch Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESanders.rahbek@econ.ku.dk 
26179Søren JohansenResearch Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESsoren.johansen@econ.ku.dk 
31370Tim BollerslevInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESboller@econ.duke.edu 
75424Morten Ørregaard Nielsen   Institut for Økonomi - CREATESmon@econ.au.dk 
77588Michael JanssonInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESmjansson@econ.berkeley.edu 
78849Christian Møller DahlResearch Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATEScmd@sam.sdu.dk 
85027Torben Gustav AndersenInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESt-andersen@kellogg.northwestern.edu 
141239Malene Kallestrup-LambLektor  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESmkallestrup@econ.au.dk 
152030Dennis KristensenInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESd.kristensen@ucl.ac.uk 
160171Ole E. Barndorff-NielsenProfessor emeritus 2328 6899Institut for Økonomi - CREATESoebn@math.au.dk 
183192Anders Bredahl KockLektor  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESakock@econ.au.dk 
220458Rasmus T. VarneskovResearch Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESrtv.fi@cbs.dk 
225400Peter Reinhard HansenInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESpeter.hansen@eui.eu 
235823Johannes Tang KristensenResearch Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESjohs@tangkristensen.dk 
238010Mark PodolskijInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESmpodolskij@math.au.dk 

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