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Listing all the users in the department 'Institut for Økonomi - CREATES'
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
466152Cristina AmadoInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATEScamado@eeg.uminho.pt 
466153Francesco ViolanteInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESfr.violante@gmail.com 
467762Carlos Vladimir Rodríguez-CaballeroInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESvladimir.rodriguez@itam.mx 
468064Cristina ScherrerInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESc.scherrer@uea.ac.uk 
468065Jose Eduardo Vera ValdesResearch Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESeduardo@math.aau.dk 
468073Gustavo Fruet DiasInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESg.fruet-dias@uea.ac.uk 
479436Wei WeiInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESWei.Wei2@monash.edu 
491958Jeffrey S. RacineInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESracinej@mcmaster.ca 
491959Markku LanneInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESmarkku.lanne@helsinki.fi 
491960Siem Jan KoopmanInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESs.j.koopman@vu.nl 
491961Tommaso ProiettiInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATEStommaso.proietti@uniroma2.it 
554516Jevgenijs IvanovsLektor  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESjevgenijs.ivanovs@math.au.dk 
564949Kenneth Kjær JensenPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESkjaer@econ.au.dk 
608590Guðmundur Stefán GuðmundssonAdjunkt  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESgsgudmundsson@econ.au.dk 
615133Jingying Zhou LykkePh.d.-studerende  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESjzlykke@econ.au.dk 
656676Pierluigi VallarinoPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESpv@econ.au.dk 
672494Yana PetrovaAdjunkt  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESypetrova@econ.au.dk 
8901Svend HyllebergProfessor emeritus2448 15512448 1551Institut for Økonomi - CREATESshylleberg@econ.au.dk 
83694Allan WürtzLektor3149 19643149 1964Institut for Økonomi - CREATESawurtz@econ.au.dk 
643421Yue XuPh.d.-studerende5023 4209 Institut for Økonomi - CREATESyuexu@econ.au.dk 

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