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Listing all the users in the department 'Institut for Økonomi - CREATES'
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
246683Almut VeraartInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESa.veraart@imperial.ac.uk 
247188Olaf PoschInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESolaf.posch@wiso.uni-hamburg.de 
253789Robinson KruseInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESkruse-becher@wiso.uni-koeln.de 
269491Erik Christian Montes SchütteLektor  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESchristianms@econ.au.dk 
292054Juan Carlos Parra-AlvarezInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESjparra@econ.au.dk 
293540Girum Dagnachew AbateInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESgabate@worldbank.org 
311807Paolo Santucci de MagistrisLektor  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESpsantucci@econ.au.dk 
321493Daniela Maria OsterriederInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESdosterrieder@business.rutgers.edu 
321939Stefano GrassiInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESstefano.grassi@uniroma2.it 
328409Martin ThyrsgaardInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESthyrsgaard@econ.au.dk 
336241Frederik OkslundPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESfrederik.okslund@econ.au.dk 
342030Özge SerbestPh.d.-studerende  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESozgeserbest@econ.au.dk 
420804Peter ExterkateInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESpeter.exterkate@sydney.edu.au 
427299Michel van der WelInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESvanderwel@ese.eur.nl 
437585Allan TimmermannInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESatimmermann@ucsd.edu 
445459Mikko PakkanenInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESm.pakkanen@imperial.ac.uk 
457044Nicolaj Adam Søndergaard MühlbachInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESmuhlbach@econ.au.dk 
462900Shin KanayaInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESshin.kanaya@essex.ac.uk 
464218Orimar SauriResearch Fellow 2340 3089Institut for Økonomi - CREATESosauri@math.au.dk 
465364Ulrich HounyoInternational Fellow  Institut for Økonomi - CREATESkhounyo@albany.edu 

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    • DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture: +45 8715 6000

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