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After your stay

You will recieve information about the Erasmus+ grant, requirements, documentation, etc. via email.
As these will be sent to your AU email (studentnumber@post.au.dk), please check your inbox and spam folder regularly.

Transcript of records

With regards to your Erasmus+ grant, we need your transcript of record to document that you have completed your studies abroad. 

Your host university issues the transcript at the end of your stay. Usually, it can take up to 5 weeks after the final exam before you receive it.

You must submit a copy of your official transcript of records (TOR) via the Erasmus+ Portal.

If you receive a reminder about submitting the transcript - and you still haven't received your transcript, please let us know. 

Credit transfer (meritoverførsel)
Please keep in mind that by uploading your transcript on the Erasmus+ Portal it is not automatically processed for credit transfer. The Erasmus+ office at AU is not involved with the transfer of your credits. Credit transfer is handled by your faculty (Board of Studies). Please get in touch with your faculty if you have any questions about credit transfer.

Participant report

You must complete an EU Participant report as part of your Erasmus+ grant. 

You will receive an email from the EU when it's time to complete the Participant report. There is a link to the Participant report (evaluation of your Erasmus+ stay) with this email. The email is sent to your AU email (studentnumber@post.au.dk) – please remember to check your spam folder.

You do not need to submit the finished report via the Erasmus+ Portal, as we will receive it automatically.

Please note, that you might be asked to complete a Recognition report as well if your credits were not yet recognised when you complete the Participant report. 

Green Travel documentation

Those students who received a Green Travel top-up will be asked to document the green travel. At the moment (academic year 2023-2024), this documentation is a declaration that the student will be asked to sign and submit. At the moment no receipts are needed (no copy of train tickets, etc.)

From the academic year 2024-2025 copy of receipts might be needed besides the signed declaration. Students going abroad in 2024-2025 will be informed of the requirements in due time. 

We are waiting for instructions from the EU in this matter.