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Green travel

The new Erasmus+ programme focuses on green mobility.

On this page you can find information and tips about green travel. You can also find links to other websites about green travel and sustainabilty in general.

Embark on an adventure with your Interrail Pass!

Eurail and the Erasmus Student Network have teamed up to promote green travel among students with the Erasmus+ Interrail Pass. We invited Erasmus students to compete for a free Interrail Pass by engaging in creative activities centered around eco-friendly travel: producing a podcast, submitting stunning photos, or crafting a unique art piece.

Check out two of the highlights from our six amazing winning entries which include a poem and a picture:

"Travelling green, what does it mean?
I’m travelling by train, please let me explain
Through valleys deep and mountains high,
The train moves softly, passing by.
Less carbon trails, a greener way,
Preserving nature, day by day.
A choice that's kind, both near and far,
Protecting earth, our guiding star.
Travelling green, it means to care,
For every breath of fresh, clean air.
On trains we journey, pure and keen,
Embracing life, in shades of green."

5 reasons for green travel


  • Reducing your transport-related carbon footprint

  • Visiting more cities while traveling to your host destination

  • Getting the positive feeling of starting a journey

  • Experiencing the changing nature and landscape

  • Traveling with non-aircraft-friendly luggage


You can also hear Martins reasons in his video

Green travel tips



  • Traveling internationaly by train can be expensive - perhaps you can save some money and get more value by getting a Interrail Pass
  • Seat61 has many tips on train rides all over Europe and the rest of the world - the website has timetables, prices and links to other websites where you can book your trip
  • Other relevant websites could be Band.deHappyrailNS International og Raileurop


  • Flixbus is Europe's largest intercity bus network
  • If you want to weigh different travel options ComparabusBlaBlaBus and Omio could be relevant websites


  • Carpool is a great way to travel green and meet people - perhaps you will meet your very first fiend in your host city by getting there?
  • You can find carpool rides via Facebook or relevant website such as BlaBlaCar or Carpool


  • Take a night train to avoid accommodation costs while exploring the world
  • Find greener accommodation options on websites such as EcoBnb and Green Pearls