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The international coordinator at your faculty
The coordinator at your department/faculty allocates the exchange places and notifies you when you are nominated for an exchange at the AU partner university. 

  • can guide you about courses, credit transfer, etc. 
  • nominates you to the partner university
  • informs you of the admission procedure at the host university
  • approves your Learning agreement (based on your preliminary approval) on behalf of AU
  • your Board of Studies handles the preliminary approval of your courses
  • your Board of Studies handles the credit transfer of your courses (after ended exchange)

The Erasmus+ office at the International Centre
The central International office handles the funding from the EU and allocates the Erasmus+ grants to AU students. 

  • considers you for an Erasmus+ grant
  • will ask you to sign an Erasmus+ grant contract
  • will ask you to fill in a Learning agreement
  • will ask you to complete an Erasmus+ language assessment
  • makes sure you can have free online Erasmus+ language courses
  • require your documentation for the Erasmus+ exchange and grant

How to find the international coordinator at your faculty?
Your international coordinator is the person who nominated you for admission at your host university. If you still have doubts about who your coordinator is, please find further info.