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Before your stay

You will recieve information about the Erasmus+ grant, requirements, documentation, etc. via email.
As these will be sent to your AU email (studentnumber@post.au.dk), please check your inbox and spam folder regularly.

Erasmus+ grant application

When your faculty nominates you for an exchange through the Erasmus+ programme, you will automatically be considered for the Erasmus+ grant. At Aarhus University, the Erasmus+ office at the International Centre handles all the Erasmus+ grants.

You do not need to make a separate application for the grant. However, the Erasmus+ office at AU will ask you to answer a short questionnaire via the Erasmus+ Portal to process your grant. You will be asked to inform us about any previous Erasmus+ stays abroad, your expected language of instruction abroad, your planned start and end date abroad, and a few other details. It is quite simple. 

You will receive an email from the Erasmus+ office at AU when it's time to answer the questionnaire. 

Maximum length of grant period
At Aarhus University there is a maximum number of days for which you can receive the Erasmus+ grant. 

  • If abroad 2 semesters/1 academic year: all students can receive the grant for a maximum of 300 days including language course and/or introduction activity. If the stay is longer than 300 days the remaining days will be considered non-funded. 
  • If abroad 1 semester: all students can receive the grant for a maximum of 180 days including language course and/or introduction activity. If the stay is longer than 180 days the remaining days will be considered non-funded. 

Allocation criteria if funding is low
Aarhus University will apply for funding from the EU every academic year. Occasionally we do not receive enough funding to cover all our Erasmus+ students going abroad. 

If Aarhus University anticipates that that there will not be enough funding for all Erasmus+ students for the full mobility period, this is the criteria for allocating the grants: 

  • students who have previously received the grant will not receive the grant again
  • students going to the UK, Japan, USA, or China will not receive the grant
  • students going to their home country will not receive the grant (this rule will apply from the academic year 2025-2026)
  • further criteria might apply in case there is an unexpected lack of funding 

No need to ask, you just have to wait
The size of the grants and the amount of funding we receive change every year. We simply don't know the sizes/amounts until very late in the process.

As soon as we know - we will let you know. 

Grant agreement

When the Erasmus+ office at AU has allocated all the Erasmus+ grants, you will receive a Grant agreement (GA) concerning your Erasmus+ grant.

The Grant agreement is a contract between Aarhus University and you. It contains information about your exchange, your obligations, the size of the grant, expected payment date, etc. 

You will receive your Grant agreement in an email from the Erasmus+ office at AU when it's time to sign and submit it. 

You must submit your signed Grant agreement via the Erasmus+ Portal.

Learning agreement

Erasmus Without Paper
From paper to online version. The Erasmus+ programme is in a transition. The former paper version of the Learning Agreement will become an online version.

We anticipate that the Learning agreement process might be a bit challenging for studies abroad - it is new to us and your host university as well. 

Some of our exchange partners are ready for online versions of the Learning agreement, and some are not. Your host university might require a paper/pdf version. As we have several hundred exchange partners, we are not in a position to know, who is ready or not.  

We will do our best to help and guide you. 

You will receive an email from the Erasmus+ office at AU with further instructions. 

What is a Learning Agreement (LA)?
The Learning Agreement (LA) is an agreement between you as a student, your home university (AU), and your host university, and it is mandatory when you are an Erasmus+ student. It is a mandatory part of your stay and serves as documentation in connection with your Erasmus+ grant.

You enlist the courses you are taking abroad and how many ECTS they correspond to. 

Your host university might ask you to submit the Learning Agreement in connection with your admission at the host university (but not all do).

How to fill it in?
You need to fill in the LA via the Erasmus+ Portal. 

The first version is to be filled in before your studies start or at the beginning of your studies. In case of changes in courses you will be able to change your LA.  

The Learning agreement needs to be Approved by you, your international coordinator at your faculty at AU, and your host university. 

If you have any questions on how to fill in your Learning Agreement, we advise you to contact your international coordinator at your faculty at AU. The coordinator at your faculty is the one who approves your Learning Agreement. 

When is the deadline?
The Learning Agreement needs to be filled in and approved when your studies abroad start. You will receive an email from the Erasmus+ office at AU with instructions. 

The difference between Learning agreement and Pre-approval of courses (forhåndsgodkendelse)
The pre-approval of courses is a process handled at your Faculty. You apply to get your courses from abroad approved as a part of your studies at AU in order to have credit transfer (merit) when you return from abroad. This is an in-house process that is not directly linked with the Erasmus+ program.

The Learning agreement is the EU version of the approval of courses. As an Erasmus+ student, you need to do both pre-approval and Learning agreement, it is mandatory. The Learning agreement also involves your host university. Your AU international coordinator can approve your Learning agreement based on your pre-approval of courses.

Language placement test and courses

The EU Academy language test
The EU has launched a new tool for the Online Language Support. At the EU Academy Portal you get access to language placement test. 

As an Erasmus+ student and receiver of the Erasmus+ grant you will be asked to complete an online language placement test before your studies abroad. You will be tested in the primary language of instruction. 

When finishing the test you will get a certificate stating your language level. Please notice, this can not replace a TOEFL/IELTS or similar test. 

The result of the test will have no consequences for your Erasmus+ grant. The test is a tool you can use to improve your language skills. 

Free language courses
At the EU Academy Portal you will also get access to free online language courses, you can choose several language courses. Perhaps you would find it helpful to both brush up on the language of instruction and learn the local language. 

More info?
The Erasmus+ office at AU will send you more information by email.

Nice to know

Erasmus+ guideline
Your stay at the host institution must be for 2-12 months. Your stay abroad must not prolong your studies. Your studies abroad must be eligible for credit transfer and be counted as part of your studies at AU. You are expected to do at least 20 ECTS per semester to qualify for the grant.

Going abroad more than once
If you go abroad within the Erasmus+ programme several times during your studies, you may receive a grant more than once. As a student, you can receive the grant both during your Bachelor and during your Master. It can be both studies and/or traineeship. But be aware, that in case of lack of funding, students who have previously received the grant, will not receive the grant again. 

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