Fees and living expenses


Citizens from EU/EEA countries or Switzerland are obliged to pay a fee for the courses they attend if they do not have a preapproval from any Danish or a formal nomination for exchange from an AU exchange partner university. Fees vary according to subject area and ECTS: 

  • Courses offered by the Faculty of Arts: 600 DKK (approximately EUR 60) per ECTS
  • Courses offered by the Faculty of Health: 300 DKK (approximately EUR 40) per ECTS
  • Courses offered by the Faculty of Science and Technology: 200 DKK (approximately EUR 27) per ECTS 
    • Except Courses offered by the School of Engineering: 500 DKK (approximately EUR 67) per ECTS
  • Courses offered by the Faculty of Business and Social Science: 500 DKK (approximately EUR 67) per ECTS 
    • Except courses offered by the Department of Law: 900 DKK (approximately EUR 120) per ECTS

All non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens (including students holding a British national overseas passport) are liable to pay the non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens fee.

Fees change according to subject area and ECTS: Please find the exact fee on the respective course page.

Exempt from payment of tuition fees are students:

  • on a bilateral exchange agreement (in which case you have to apply as an exchange student);
  • holding a permanent residence permit in Denmark or one of the other Nordic countries;
  • having been granted a temporary residence permit "with a view to/possibility of" being granted permanent residence in Denmark or one of the Nordic countries;
  • who are 'permanently resident' in one of the Nordic countries, cf. Article 7 of the Nordic agreement on access to higher education;
  • with a residence permit granted on the grounds of family reunification;
  • having become EU citizens pursuant to the Executive Order on Residence in Denmark for Aliens Falling within the Rules of the European Union (EU Residence Order);
  • having been granted a full scholarship pursuant to the Ministerial Order on Scholarships with Grants to Cover Living Costs Incurred at Universities (Scholarship and Grant Order);
  • children of workers from non-EU/EEA countries having been granted a residence permit pursuant to Section 9M (previously 9C) of the Danish Aliens Act and whose parents have been granted residence permits pursuant to Section 9A of the Danish Aliens Act.
  • with a dual citizenship (EU/EEA + non EU/EEA) who decide to enter Denmark as an EU/EEA citizen (using both citizenships to enter Denmark is not possible).

The total price that you have to pay for the course upon admission will include an administration fee of 3% of the total course tuition-or participation fee.

Other costs and living expenses

Estimated budget for one month in Aarhus: 

  • Social Activities: 100-140 EUR
  • Housing: 480 EUR
  • Meals: 200 EUR
  • Transport: 40 EUR
  • Books: 40-80 EUR
  • Total: 860-940 EUR