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Who is this year's research talent?

Two years ago, Health established a new award targeting junior research talents. Trine Hyrup Mogensen was the first to receive the award named after Nobel Prize winner Jens Christian Skou. Last year Simon Glerup received the award. Now it is time to nominate candidates for this year's award.

This October, the Jens Christian Skou award will be presented for the third time. The deadline for nominating candidates for the talent award is on 1 September 2018.

When the Jens Christian Skou award was presented in 2017, Associate Professor and PhD Simon Glerup from the Department of Biomedicine was the recipient of the award and the DKK 100,000 that followed with it. He says that Health’s talent award has made a difference both professionally and personally.

The Skou award makes a difference    

"The Skou award has resulted in a noticeable increase in academic visibility among both colleagues and foundations. I receive more invitations to conferences and meetings. And I’m also regularly contacted by the media, among other things in connection with the debate about excellence in Danish research. The award has given me access to the public debate, also when it comes to research communication in general," says Simon Glerup and continues:

"I can also feel that there’s a sense of pride in my research group about the award which is also a recognition of them and their research. And I can see that my children are proud of me and have become more interested in what I do at my work," says Simon Glerup with a smile.

Only the most talented junior researchers are eligible  

The Jens Christian Skou award is given to a junior researcher who is among the international elite. This researcher must be extraordinarily talented within his or her field of research and, at the same time, be able to document exceptional research creativity and productivity within one or more of the faculty’s research areas.

The award recipient must either be employed as a PhD student, postdoc, assistant professor or associate professor at Health. And no more than ten years may have passed between getting a PhD degree and receiving the new award. 

Department heads nominate candidates    

Each department head may nominate two prioritised nominees for the Jens Christian Skou award. The deadline for nominating candidates for this year's award is on 1 September 2018. The nominations should be sent to Adviser Henry Andreasen at hga@au.dk. It is not possible to apply for the award.

This year the award will be presented on Thursday 11 October 2018 at the Jens Christian Skou’s birthday symposium at AIAS, and the event is open to everyone.  

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