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What’s happening in the new University City

The work on AU’s physical development is progressing according to plan. The faculties and departments involved are in the process of identifying their needs and options in connection with the upcoming relocations. Here you can read about specific relocations and projects.

Things are moving quickly with the work on the new University City. Several important milestones mark the road towards the campus of the future. The first of these are presented here:

  • Entrepreneurship incubator: AU wants to increase its impact on society by strengthening its entrepreneurship activities. To support this aim, an incubator will be established for entrepreneurs at AU – both researchers and students. The incubator will open in the beginning of 2020 and has been given the name The Kitchen. The name of the incubator was inspired by the building that is to house it it – the former central kitchen of what used to be the municipal hospital.
  • Student housing: Today, there are almost 500 units of student housing in the University Park, and the new University City will add another 127 units. The student housing will be placed in the former patient hotel, which will be renovated and converted into housing for a total of 180 residents. The student housing will be ready by the end of 2022.
  • MBG is moving to the University City: In the beginning of 2022, the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) will be centralised in buildings 1870-1874 in the northern end of the hospital area in the new University City.
  • Student organisations and activities: AU wants its students to have the facilities for their student-led activities, organisations etc. Therefore, student organisations and activities will be developed in the University City over a number of years.
  • Aarhus BSS in the University City: In 2025, Aarhus BSS will relocate its activities from Fuglesangs Allé (business management and economics) to the University City.

Development and building projects

In addition to the milestones listed above, the work on the university of the future also includes a number of specific development and building projects under the headings of: research, degree programmes, collaboration, sustainability, shared facilities, infrastructure (physical and technical) as well as relocations. Read more about the specific development and building projects. 

Who is working on Campus 2.0?

There are many important milestones to keep an eye on and complex logistics to be aware of when planning and implementing AU’s physical development. Many people are working hard, both decentrally and centrally at the university, where a steering committee, a master plan group and a campus group support the overall progress of the project. Read more about the organisation behind Campus 2.0

Most recently, a meeting in the steering committee marked an important milestone for Aarhus BSS in particular. The faculty brought a status report detailing their wishes and needs to the meeting in connection with the relocation of Aarhus BSS’ activities to the University City in 2025. The steering committee discussed the report, which will form the basis of the final tender documents after further refinement. Read more about the Aarhus BSS status report here.

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