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What would you like to ask the new dean?

The new dean of Health is named Lars Bo Nielsen. But who is he really? What are his key issues, what is he good at, and what does he do in his spare time? If you ask a question, we will pass it on to the new dean, and you will have an answer in a fortnight.

A lot of people probably already have their own impression of the new dean at Health. In the days after the appointment, Lars Bo Nielsen was perhaps the most googled name at the faculty. So we could read that he is a medical doctor, biomedical researcher, professor, department head, basketball player (197 cm), father of two etc. While academic geeks poured over his long and impressive CV.

But who is he really? Why does he want to be dean, what does he think of the study progress reform, what is his favourite food, and where is he going to find the next round of savings?

Lars Bo Nielsen has taken up the challenge and is ready to answer questions from the faculty's employees, PhD students and students.

The process and rules are as follows:


  •  You can ask the new dean one question.
  •  Send your question to ulla@au.dk no later than Friday 27 January at 12:00 (noon).
  •  All questions will then be placed in a high hat (or similar digital holder).
  •  Health Communication will draw an appropriate number of questions.
  •  Lars Bo Nielsen will answer to the best of his ability.
  •  The article containing the questions and answers will be published in the newsletter and on the website on Tuesday 7 February.

The name of the questioner will not be included in the article, but the editors will be aware of the person’s name.

Read more about the new dean at Health.