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What should Campus 2.0 look like?

It’s up to you. At least partly. Health is now initiating a broad consultation process where all employees and students are encouraged to provide input for the development of Campus 2.0 and the new University City. A great opportunity to exercise your influence, according to the Dean.


In 2019, Aarhus University will take over the old Municipal Hospital and turn it into part of the campus under the name ‘University City’. Moving into the red brick buildings will first begin in 2022, but the development of the whole campus – including the University Park – begins now.

Health is therefore kicking off a process which gives all employees and students the opportunity to come up with suggestions and wishes for Campus 2.0.

The incorporation of the University City and reorganisation in the University Park will also have an influence on Health, which gives us a great opportunity to influence how a modern campus should look, says Dean Lars Bo Nielsen:

“We can help to create a vibrant campus that contributes to a good study environment and creates the framework for the learning spaces of the future. Now is the time to come with all our ideas and visions that not only tie the campus on both sides of Nørrebrogade together, but also develop the old University Park, where many of us work on daily. I hope that both students and employees will contribute to doing this,” says Lars Bo Nielsen.

How can I use my influence?

During the autumn, Campus 2.0 will be on the agenda in the faculty and departmental liaison committees and occupational health and safety committees, in the Academic Council, the boards of studies etc. The faculty’s student associations, the vice-chairs of the boards of studies and the student members of the Academic Council will be invited to a workshop on 30 October.

The digital mailbox is already open for suggestions from all students and employees. Write to nycampus@au.dk and see more on the AU website about Campus 2.0.

The consultation process runs until 1 November. After this date, all the input will be collated into a consultation response that will be submitted to Rector Brian Bech Nielsen. The consultation responses will form part of the board’s final decision in December on the overall design of Campus 2.0.


Adviser Hanne Johansen
Health, Faculty Secretariat

Email: hannejohansen@au.dk
Mobile: (+45) 6126 9808