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Vision for the medical degree programme ready for feedback

During the last few months, medical students, lecturers and future employers have been asked for their views on the content of the medical degree programme of the future. The many suggestions have now been combined in a draft vision and strategy which has been sent for feedback from stakeholders.

Nobody can predict the future. Nevertheless, it is necessary to try and do so anyway when educating graduates who should be given long term competences. Representatives from the medical degree programme’s many stakeholders have been asked for input to a new vision and strategic basis for the degree programme.

The vision has just been sent for comments and feedback from stakeholders including the board of studies for medicine, the academic council and all participants from April’s workshop on the medical degree programme. The consultation process continues until 6 June. If you also wish to comment on the vision for the medical degree programme, you can contact one of the representatives from the various forums.

The final vision will be discussed by the Dean’s Office at the end of June. It will subsequently serve as a guiding principle for the degree programme. It is up to the board of studies for medicine to assess whether the current degree programme should be adjusted in order to live up to the vision and strategy.

Recipients of the draft vision and strategic basis for the medical degree programme:

  • Workshop participants
  • The employer panel for medicine
  • The board of studies for medicine
  • The departmental education forums at Health
  • Course managers at medicine
  • The Dean's Office
  • The Management Forum for the University and Region
  • The Coordination Committee for Study Programmes under the above management forum
  • The Regional Council for the Further Education of Medical Doctors
  • The Academic Council
  • The Forum for Education at Health

Vice-dean for Education Charlotte Ringsted
Health, Aarhus University
Mobile: (+45) 9350 8222
Email: charlotte.ringsted@au.dk