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VIA is a new partner in the agreement between Aarhus University and the region

New partnership agreement will contribute towards ensuring continued high quality in healthcare services. The agreement between VIA, Aarhus University and the Central Denmark Region provides greater coherence and coordination of education, research and development. The municipalities will also be involved.

Better research. Stronger study programmes. And a healthcare system that is equipped to meet future challenges.

That is the ambition of a new partnership agreement for research, education and development that VIA Faculty of Health Sciences, which is part of VIA University College, has just entered into with the Central Denmark Region and the Faculty of Health at Aarhus University (AU).


The new partnership binds the three partners together in a stronger collaboration. 

More cross-disciplinary collaboration needed for staff in the healthcare sector

"I am extremely pleased with the agreement. First, it is important that the agreement ensures cohesion between the healthcare study programmes and the healthcare services provided for our citizens. Both VIA, AU and the Central Denmark Region have an interest in ensuring a strong healthcare system, one that is ready to meet the challenges facing the healthcare sector," says Aase Lydiksen, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at VIA.

She lists areas such as an aging population, more chronic diseases, greater expectations towards healthcare services as well as the need for new and different services, as just some of the developments in Denmark that the new partnership agreement must help to meet.

"In order to match future needs, healthcare professionals must be prepared for the technological developments and for interdisciplinary collaboration across sectors. This demands greater cohesiveness between education, research and practice. I believe that the agreement will contribute to increasing the quality and validity of the healthcare system," says Aase Lydiksen.

Stronger positioning nationally and internationally after extended agreement

The new joint agreement with the region and VIA is also welcomed at Aarhus University, which has worked together with the Central Denmark Region on research, education and development for many years.

"In addition to the synergies that it has for the region, the three parties will be able to strengthen and position each other nationally and internationally within health science research, education and patient treatment," says Ole Steen Nielsen, who is dean at AU Health.

Increased coordinated effort focuses on patients

According to the Central Denmark Region, the new agreement is important in order to succeed with the collaboration between the disciplines in the healthcare system and the work of focusing on the patient. 

"A coordinated effort is needed to further develop a strong healthcare service for the benefit of citizens and patients. As an employer and co-educator of medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, we in the region play an important role in educating and training the healthcare professionals of tomorrow. Having the two large educational institutions sitting together at the same table is a strong factor in doing this," says Ole Thomsen, who is head of corporate management at the Central Denmark Region.

Although the agreement will initially cover the three parties, the plan is to involve the municipalities in the region as quickly as possible.


The partnership agreement comes into force immediately.

For further information, please contact:

Aase Lydiksen, Director, VIA Faculty of Health Sciences

T: (+45) 8755 2960


E: aal@via.dk


Ole Steen Nielsen, Dean, Health, Aarhus University

T: (+45) 2476 5093

E: dean.health@au.dk


Ole Thomsen, Head of Corporate Management, Central Denmark Region

T: (+45) 2146 9807


E: ole.thomsen@stab.rm.dk