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Updates to AU access card databases – your card might need an update

Right after the autumn break, AU began updating the access control system for buildings on Aarhus Campus, at Moesgaard and in Foulum. The process will continue until early 2016. Unfortunately, this means that the access cards of some employees will stop working properly.

From mid-October until early 2016, the university will be updating the databases that control AU access cards. These updates will cause the access cards of some employees to stop working. Regrettably, it is not possible to predict which employees will be affected, as it depends on the access card of the individual.

Contact your local maintenance office

If your access card no longer opens the doors you are normally able to open, please contact the caretakers at the nearest maintenance office or administrative centre for help. You will be asked to present your access card or student card and provide your AUID number. The maintenance staff will then update your access card, and you will be able to open the same doors as before.

“We apologise in advance for the inconvenience some employees will experience,” says Project Manager Søren Harbo Jensen, AU Finance and Estates Project Development.

If you haven’t used your access card for some time, your access rights may have been deleted. This is done automatically for security reasons. If this applies to you, please contact the local maintenance office.

You are also welcome to contact the maintenance office if you experience any other problems with your access card. Find the closest maintenance office here. (in Danish)