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Tutor an international medical student and get help to your PhD project

Are you doing an exciting PhD project, and do you need an extra helping hand during the summer? Then be a tutor for an international medical student.

The organisation IMCC Research Exchange is arranging exchanges for students from all over the world who are coming to Denmark this summer to follow a PhD student. IMCC Research Exchange needs you and other PhD students to be tutors for these students. 

Earn teaching hours by tutoring
Supervision of an exchange student is regarded as teaching experience that you can include in your PhD planner, and you will have a curious student as a helper for entire 4 weeks!

Want to know more?
If you are interested and want to know more about this great opportunity, write an email to: lore.aarhus@gmail.com (contact: Linnea Sølbek Meier, Local Officer on Research Exchange in Aarhus). You are also welcome to visit the IMCC website.