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Traffic problems around Vennelyst Boulevard

Aarhus Municipality has started work on the new district heating supply to the port area in Aarhus Ø - Aarhus East. This work will affect traffic on Kaserneboulevarden, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade and Vennelyst Boulevard from August until December 2015.

The cycle lane and the pavement along Kaserneboulevarden and Høegh-Guldbergs Gade have already been cordoned off along with part of the road. This means that there will be fewer parking spaces available and also that traffic will be a little heavier.  However, there will still be two lanes to help traffic run smoothly.

The district heating work will continue along Vennelyst Boulevard in October, which means that on-road parking will not be possible before December 2015.

During the same period there will be some heavy traffic to and from the Department of Biomedicine's new building on the corner of Høegh-Guldbergs Gade and Vennelyst Boulevard. Combined with the narrower roads, this may lead to some traffic-related challenges during the coming months.

You can find more information from Aarhus Municipality about the construction of the district heating pipeline to Aarhus Ø - Aarhus East in this folder (in Danish).

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