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Tour of the Skou Building

Fifteen employees had an exciting afternoon Friday, June 10, where they got to see the new Skou Building both inside and from above. Seats for the first tour for employees to the Skou Building was snapped up in under 30 minutes, and because of the great interest more opportunities to see the building is planned.

The Skou Building is not completed before a year, but already on Friday June 10 the first fifteen employees at Biomedicine secured themselves the opportunity for a small preview of the buildings. Department head Thomas G. Jensen was seconded by the technical manager Conor Leerhøy as he led the employees from the lowest basement level 20 meters below ground level to the upcoming 2nd floor, which now stands about 12 meters above the ground. Along the way, it was possible to sense the size of the building, which from next year will house more than 200 of Biomedicine's employees, and some of them had the opportunity to stand on the spot where their laboratory or office is going to be. Seats for the tour were snapped up in less than 30 minutes and there will therefore be arranged several tours in the near future, so keep checking your inbox.

See more pictures on the construction website: http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/byggeri/