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Three weeks until we welcome our new honorary professors

On 8 October, the very day when Jens Christian Skou would have been 101 years old, 47 prominent researchers from twelve countries and a total of 34 leading universities will be inaugurated at Health as Honorary Skou professors. The appointments strengthen the faculty’s objective of increased internationalisation.

When the faculty appointments almost fifty international professors as Honorary Skou professors at an inauguration ceremony on 8 October it will be the official kick-start for Health to form closer bonds with the international research community.

The Skou professors contribute to the faculty’s goal of being a more internationally-orientated research institution. The intention is for the collaboration with leading researchers to introduce new perspectives into the teaching, strengthen relations with leading research units abroad and establish joint research projects and funding applications.

The Honorary Skou professors must actively participate in the academic work being done at the departments. For example, as guest lecturers and co-supervisors on PhD projects, or in the form of joint research projects and joint funding applications.

Each Honorary Skou professor has a so-called champion affiliated – a colleague from within the same academic field who comes from one of the departments. The affiliated champion will act as host for his or her Skou professor and ensure that the international colleague is integrated in the academic environments and that the collaboration gets off to a smooth start.

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Inauguration ceremony on Skou’s 101st anniversary

At the Honorary Skou Inauguration Day event on 8 October in the Lakeside Lecture Theatres, Rector Brian Bech Nielsen and Dean Lars Bo Nielsen will welcome the 14 female and 33 male researchers to the university. Four of the newly appointed Skou professors will hold presentations before all the invited researchers are officially inaugurated as Honorary Skou professors at Health.

For the vast majority of Skou professors, the day will begin with local events at the departments and end with a joint dinner at the Varna Palace. The whole event is also taking place on the day when Nobel Prize winner Jens Christian Skou would have turned 101 years old.

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